Our Story

Eminent Handball is founded for the players. Our goal is to use our collected experience and knowledge to give every player a solid foundation and to further advance your skill.

Our handball careers and education have equipped us with the tools necessary to guide the next generation of modern handball players. And we do that with the same passion that got us into the game of handball in the first place.

At Eminent Handball we value mutual respect and commitment as well as orientation to details. We want each individual player to bring 100% of themselves to this partnership in order to gain the equal maximum out of it.

With more than 20 years combined experience as players in several countries and as coaches in Sweden and Norway, we are confident that you will experience true growth with our programs. At Eminent Handball you see two coaches, but our professional network behind the scene consists of international partners who are highly educated and experienced in handball. All this makes every training carefully planned in detail and tailored for you to reach your maximum.

Meet your coaches

Samel Burzić
When I am not on handball and sport courts in general, I primarily spend time with my family and friends. I prefer being in motion and most of my spare time is still spent just like that, be it mentally or physically. When I slow down then there is music and a good movie that I enjoy.

Rickard Hedlund
When I'm not on the handball pitch, music, in all aspects, controls my everyday life. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and to discover and learn new things. I like to engage in sports, and I like to explore different culinary cultures. Besides, I also enjoy spending time in our summer cottage whenever I get the chance.