In modern handball, every handball player should be able to meet the requirements that handball as a sport requires. The player must be well prepared on various levels physically, mentally, technically.

Our coaching experience includes following:

Physical training
Strength, Explosiveness, speed, balance, coordination, mobility, and stamina. The modern handball player has a precisely weighted physique for the individual requirements.

Aerob Exercise is physical exercise of low to high intensity that is mainly due to the aerobic energy generating process. "Aerobic" is defined as "related to, involving or requiring free oxygen", and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet the energy demand during exercise via aerobic metabolism.

Anaerob Exercise is a type of exercise that breaks down glucose in the body without using oxygen; anaerobic means "without oxygen". In practical terms, this means that anaerobic exercise is more intense, but shorter than aerobic exercise.

• Balance
• Explosiveness
• Mobility
• Coordination
• Speed
• Stretching
• Strength
• Stamina

Body-cognitive training
Game understanding
Game perception
Individual technique

• Facing one or more players
• Facing different defense types
• Timing

• Arm/wrist
• Arm/leg
• Arm/body
• Body/leg
• Leg/torso

• Offensive play
(against different defence systems)
• Defensive play
(against different attacking styles)

• Standing shot
• Jumping shot
• Fast shot
• Under arm shot
• Even jump shot

Recovery after activation is a big part of your training. Routines for Warm-up, Stretching, and recovery plays a deciding role for your personal development as a handball player.