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Two handball coaches joined forces and founded Eminent Handball to help goal-oriented handball players reach their full potential. At Eminent Handball, we are turning amateurs and semi-pro players into pros.

Dreams are not only for dreaming — they are for living them. Make your dreams come true.
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Success Story

A young handball player Jonathan Åtting teamed up with Eminent Handball coaches in July 2021 at age of 15 while playing in Borlänge Handboll Klubb. After only four-month practice according to our customised training program and guidance he got a chance to do trial training for TLV Melsungen handball club in Germany on our recommendation.

After one week of extensive tests of performance in all handball aspects, TLV Melsungen signed a contract with Jonathan while he was still following the Eminent Handball development program. As of summer 2022 Jonathan is in Germany, playing for TLV Melsungen.

We wish Jonathan all the best in his career and we are proud to tell his story as one of the Eminent Handball’s emerging talents.

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